Cabianca Zero Salt 5'3 PU Surfboard

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Maße: 5'3'' x 19.00'' x 2 1/8''
Surfboard Volumen: 23.5L

Taking everything we’ve learned about the characteristics of static waves, The Zero Salt has been designed from the ground up for high performance surfing in rivers and wave pools. Extremely agile, responsive and built with a unique bottom shape, rocker and fin setup, this board makes zero compromises when it comes to fresh water ripping.

Due to the high wear and tear when surfing rivers, we recommend ordering the EPS/Epoxy construction with reinforced fin plugs, carbon rails, and a solid tail patch.

Volumen: 23,1L

FCS II Fin System

PU / Polyester

Achtung: das Board hat weiße Rails (siehe Bild 2,3)

Hersteller: Cabianca Surfboards
Kategorie: SURF.
Artikelnummer: 729451-Z0S53
GTIN: 2023280312307
Surfboard Länge‍: 5'0-5'5