Surfboard Repair

You want to have your surfboard repaired professionally and at a fair price? Then you've come to the right place at the SantoLoco Store, Eisenmannstraße 4, 80331 Munich! Our experienced shapers will be happy to help you get your surfboard fit for the next session. We only work with high-quality materials such as Hexcel fiberglass, SuperSap Bio-Epoxy and Silmar Polyester-Resin.

Because we want to do something good for ourselves and your board, we repair all surfboards with our bio-epoxy. This begs the question, is this really possible? Clear! In contrast to polyester resin, epoxy can be used to repair ALL types of surfboards. Many years of experience can also answer the question of how to combine the materials - epoxy also sticks to polyester surfboards if processed correctly.

Here you will find an overview of our prices (incl. material and VAT):
- Single FCS X2 fin plug – €55
- FCS X2 fin plugs (pair) – €75
- FCS Fusion fin plug – €75
- FCS II fin plug – €80
- Futures fin plug – €70
- US Box - €90
- Reinforced fin box - €30
- Thing (- Thing (5 - 10 cm)) – up to €60
- Thing (> 10 cm) - from €60
- Breakage – from €150
- Remove wax - from 20 €
- Express service - 30%

On request, we can also create an invoice and a report (damage report) for the airline or insurance company! The report costs 40 euros per surfboard.

For all those who prefer to repair their boards themselves, there's resin, hardener, glass fiber mats, repair sets, ... and everything else you need in our shop or online.