FCS II Carver PC Yellow Medium Quad Rear Finnen Set

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Powerful, drawn-out turns. Excels on open face waves.


-Designed for powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold.
-Elongated template with high degree of sweep provides exceptional hold off the bottom and when carving on the open face.
-Ideal for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns.
-Quad Rear (2 fin) set

Ideal Conditions

-Open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point and reef breaks.

Board Types

-Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
-Recommended for boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Fin Family

-Carver: Find Power. Powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold.

Hersteller: FCS
Kategorie: SURF.
Artikelnummer: FCAR-PC02-MD-RS-R
GTIN: 9340935037223
Finnen‍: FCS II
Finnen Größe‍: Medium