Koabär Little Allfine Surfskate Deck 30"

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the little allfine 30/11 is the smaller version of the Allfine Model. its blunted nose provides a fat stance and heaps of control on high speed. steep concave and big surface gain stability and confidence when going downhill, poolskating or on rough terrain.
one of our Koabär classic shapes, developed over years and designed to perfection.

- sandwich
1/2 walnut + beech + carbon
lightweight and ridgid – little flex for dynamic ride style

- mounting options
3 setup options for all size riders – long setup for high speed, wide waves and tall folks
short setup for sketchy surfing, narrow waves and little fellows

- concave
deep concave for locked stance in heavy turns
steep tail for huge kickbacks and slidecontrol

- finish
sealed with plantbased organic oil
standard boards come with griptape and branded koabär logo

- rail-to-tail“ lines
emphasized „hips“ of the board for perfect stance and slide control

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