Light Hybrid Surfboard 5'10

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The HYBRID Series is designed for speed and flow with a large sweet spot offering fluid rides in smaller and soft waves. This design concept will help anybody to catch and ride more waves, maximizing your skills and experience. the combination of high volume in short length, straight rails in the center, articulated nicely curved tail and a well balanced soft rocker with single to double concave to vee out of the tail guarantee progress in your surfing and sensation of speed with control and glide for smooth fluid turns and ease in catching waves. The HYBRID can be a novice to intermediate board as well as the choice of skilled surfers in summer conditions. 

6´0"x 21.5" x 2.8"    41,7 L

Hersteller: Light Surfboards
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Artikelnummer: LSB056394510
GTIN: 19932958
Surfboard Länge‍: 5'6-5'11