Ocean and Earth Shortboard Double Coffin Boardbag 6'6

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The Double Coffin Surfboard Cover is an Ocean & Earth classic. Incredibly sophisticated in its design, this surf board cover has shock-absorbing foam, three layers of protection and extra padding in the nose and tail. These extra safety measures mean that you can transport multiple boards without the stress of damaging them.


- Fits: 1-3 Boards
- Weight: 3.2 to 4.1kgs
- Width: 23"
- Depth: 140mm /5.5"

THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION - . Top Layer: Armour Weave Polyester. 2nd Layer: 10mm shock-absorbing foam. 3rd (inside) Layer: Tarpee lining

XP EXTRA PROTECTION 25mm PADDED NOSE PANELS - Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose and Tail.

DOUBLE THICK GUSSET PADDING - Extra tough 20mm shock absorbing foam. The thickest rail protection on the market

SKID PLATE - Reinforced fabric skid plate to protect board tails/rails.

SHOULDER STRAP - 20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.

PROTECTIVE BOTTOM SIDE NOSE PIECE - Extra tough Armour Weave Polyester.

HANGING HOOK - All covers supplied with patented removable hanging hook.

HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS - Large, lockable zipper heads. Extra security for your boards. Compatible with TSA Travel Lock

Hersteller: Ocean & Earth
Kategorie: SURF.
Artikelnummer: SCSB05-BR66
GTIN: 9321977710879
Eigenschaften Boardbag‍: Travel Bag 2 Boards
Surfboard Länge‍: 6'6-6'11