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Being A Surfer Buch


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Being A Surfer This is a kook's survival guide to the world of surfing. All you need to know about how to become a good surfer. Totally tongue in cheek, it's the funniest thing we've read in ages!
We’ve all been there, the newbie in the water. Surrounded by what it feels like at the time, professionals, when most likely they are your neighbour or the local surf shop owner.
However, thanks to Mads Pedersen, there is no need to feel out of your depth in the culture, and in the water, so to speak.
The pocket size book features all aspects of surfing. From starting out with a surfer nickname to how to spot a ladyboy, it’s all in there. Obviously in manageable chunks though, because remember us surfers don’t read…(according to Pederson).
For a kook, the survival guide does what it says: it aims to get you to the other side of surfing without any major mishaps.
However, if you’re already a seasoned pro on the waves it’s a light read that will take you back to the good old days of starting out.

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