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Cabianca Surfboards

Cabianca Uber Twin Surfboard 6'0


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Back in the 1970’s, Mark Richards revolutionized small wave surfboards with his twin-fin design, while in the past few years Uber have revolutionized transportation with their taxi app. Not that we’re saying our new Uber Twin shape is revolutionary – it’s just an insanely fun summer board that combines all the speed and looseness of a classic twin with the maneuverability of a modern performance shortboard. Run it with a twin fin setup for ultimate retro fun, or add the rear stabilizer fin for extra drive and control. If you’re looking for a small wave board that flies down the line and turns on a dime, get the Uber Twin.

Achtung: Board kommt mit Grün/Schwarzen Rails, nicht komplett weiß wie auf dem Bild zu sehen

Länge: 6,0''
Breite: 20"
Dicke: 2 1/2"
Volumen: 33L

Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktage


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