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Channel Islands

Channel Island CI Mid Side Bites 3.6


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Thanks to decades' worth of knowledge, as well as countless rounds of R&D, Devon and True Ames founder Chuck Ames landed on this beautiful, tidy, well-balanced outline with full base and moderate rake that was hand foiled for medium flex—making for a very responsive ride with just the right amount of hold and lift that helps you accelerate through turns. Shaped from clear fiberglass panels, the CI Mid’s 6.5” center box fin is available with either 4” FCS two-tab side bites for medium to bigger sized surfers, or 3.6” for lighter weight riders around 72kg and under.
- 3.6" side bites are designed for surfers 72kg and under
- 4.0" side bites for are designed for surfers over 72kg
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