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Channel Island Cx2 Double Boardbag 6.3


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The Travel Light CX double coffin is designed to save weight without sacrificing  protection for your boards.  During travel this bag can attach to the CI Wheelie Bag in seconds.  Features include:  Waterproof Hex Rip-Stop shell - 10mm padding - Internal padded dividers - Holds 2-3 boards without fins - Attaches to The Carry On Roller Bag - CI leash string pull tabs - Corrosion proof zipper- Custom Hex D rings - Expandable fin compartment 

- Lengths: 6'0, 6'3, 6'6, 7'0
- Wide point of bag 22.5"
- 12" down from nose 15"
- 12" up from tail 18"
- Depth 7"

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