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Creatures of Leisure

Creatures Fish Triple Boardbag 6'7


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The Fish Triple Boardcover is designed for serious surf travel. The three-board capacity allows you to have all your bases covered while safely transiting your quiver to your destination. The Triple Boardbags are now lighter, stronger and more durable with the exclusive DIAMOND-TECH fabric, a custom-made interwoven dobby fabric which is resistant to UV degradation, stable in high temperature ranges and has a hydrophobic coating.

The Triple covers come with the Modular packing system – exclusive to Creatures.

Length: 6’7”
Maximal Width: 22”
Weight: 7.4 lbs / 3.4KG

- 10mm Closed Cell FOAM padding
- Marine Grade Corrosion resistant – PK Nylon Zipper
- Air Flow Ventilation System
- Ergonomic Mesh Lined shoulder strap with 10mm Foam internal padding
- Lengthened Zipper – Flip Lid construction for easy packing
- Added internal compression Straps

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