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Douchebags The Bunker Quad Boardbag 6'6


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A travel coffin developed by our award-winning designers who just happen to love surfing. Featuring integrated nose / tail packbags, honeycomb Rib Cage Technology™, foldable and compressible design and Db’s signature Hook-Up System™. The Bunker holds 3 to 4 boards and is basically bomb proof. Patent Pending.

- Lifetime warranty
- Compressible - folds for easy storage
- Patented Rib Cage Technology™
- Features Db’s patented Hook-Up System™
- Tail and nose-shaped pack bags
- Internal pocket for fins, wax, etc.
- Internal board dividers
- Custom wheel housing
- Handles placed for ergonomic carry
- Detachable shoulder strap

Measurements: Fits 3 to 4 boards up to 6’6” / Length: 209 cm / Width: 57 cm / Height: 20 cm / Weight: 6.58 kg

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