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FCS II FW PC Carbon White Medium Tri Retail Fins


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Firewire 'FW' shaper fin. A highly manoeuvrable fin providing exceptional stability through turns.


-Designed by Nev Hyman, and now constructed with a carbon tissue insert to offer more flex and a smoother feel compared to the original ultra-stiff bamboo version.
-The FW side fins sit deep in the water, have minimal sweep and great pivoting capabilities.
-Delivers drive and holds nicely through turns, yet the smaller centre fin provides additional tail release.

Ideal Conditions

-A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.

Board Types

-Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
-High-volume shortboards and hybrid models with wider tails and lower rocker.

Fin Family

-Performer: Find Balance. A balance of speed, flow & response.


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