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Firewire Surfboards

Firewire Tomo Hydroshort Helium Surfboard 5'7 FCS II


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- Next generation performance with consideration for artificial waves.
- The Hydroshort is next generation Tomo Shortboard design. Inspired by the functional aesthetic of the Hydronaut, The Hydroshort is tuned for maximum performance in small to medium waves.
- Highlighted by the ultra-modern ‘torpedo nose ‘profile the Hydroshort has an incredible rail to rail flow and low swing weight at the front end which translates to a feeling of instant response. Coupled with a clean continuous, (medium) rocker curve and the Quad inside single concave (QISC) the Hydroshort is ready for maximum wave attack with tremendous burst of speed.
- Squash tail version is slightly favorable to flatter face and weaker wave conditions.
- Ability: Beginner - Expert
- Bottom Contours: Q.I.S.C - Quad Inside Single Concave
- Rails: Medium
- Ideal Wave Size: 1-5ft
- 5'7 x 18 13/16" x 2 3/8" - 26.9L       FCSII Finsystem
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