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Indio Surfboards

Indio Standard Surfboard 7'0


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- EBSUltra resistant top skin.Minimizes scratches, abrasions andindentations.Water Proof.Added UV inhibitor protectsfoam surface.·
- INNER LAYERSAdded strength and flex properties.Allows for great compressionabsorption under your feet, reducingindentation & cell collapse in the keyareas of the board.Volume control to improve inertiawhile surfing.·
- HYBRID COMPOSITE COREUnique beaded PS core providesexcellent stiffness and impact resistance.Polymer film layer adds strength
- STRINGER SYSTEMEnhances board projection and boardstrength.Multi laminated wood stringers.Provides maximum support with theleast amount of added weight.·
- HDPE GRAPHIC BOTTOM SLICKIncreases overall strengththroughoutthe board.Increases speed, control & maneuve-rability.Subtle creasing as material absorbscompression.·
- FINSTwo compound, bore through soft edgerubber fins.
- 7´0" x 19 3/4  x 3 1/4 - 70L
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