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Light Surfboards

Light Surfboard BMS 7'2 Bamboo inkl. Finnen


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The BMS( BIG MEN SHORTBOARD ) is a great longboard alternative and suits perfectly heavy weight surfers. Designed for cruising and relaxed surfing, this model is a great paddler and glider in small, soft surf but also shines in solid waves. A great choice for beginners, the BMS is like a giant fish with a touch of tail rocker and vee added to loosen it up. Its rails are full, low, and firm for plenty of lift and skate out of the gate. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned long boarder who want to downsize for easy vertical vertical surfing.

THE EPS EPOXY BAMBOO VENEER TECHNOLOGY features closed cell eps foam glasfiber and a layer of bamboo in top and bottom. This construction is lightweight and very durable. At Light Surfboards all our models also have a classic center stringer underneath the bamboo veneer for additional strength.

- Model: BMS Series
- Größe: 7'2 x 22,75 x 3 
- Volumen: 56,1 Liter
- Finish: Polished 
- Finnen System: FCS Fusion 5 Finnen Combo
- Inklusive: FCS M5 Thruster Fins

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