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Ocean & Earth

Ocean and Earth Barry Basic Shortboard Double Boardbag 6'0


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The Barry Basic Double Shortboard cover is an Ocean & Earth classic! Without the bells and whistles, this surfboard cover still has all the important stuff to keep your beloved surf boards safe! With 5mm shock-absorbing foam and a protective nose panel you can trust that the Barry Basic will keep your short boards well protected.

- Fits: 1-2 Boards
- Weight: 1.9 to 2.1kgs
- Width: 22"
- Depth: 4"/100mm
- PROTECTIVE NOSE PANEL - Extra protection in high impact areas
- BOTTOM - Extra tough 600D protective fabric.
- TOP - Tarpee nose panel.
- THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION - Top Layer: Thick UV reflective tarpee. 2nd Layer: 5mm shock-absorbing foam. 3rd (inside) Layer: Tarpee lining
- SHOULDER STRAP - Nylon dog clip at nose end and strap can be stashed inside cover.
- HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS - Large, non-corrosive nylon zips.
- HANGING HOOK - All covers supplied with patented removable hanging hook.
- REFINED TEMPLATE SHAPE - Updated template shapes. Refined to suit current board shapes

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