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Ocean & Earth

Ocean and Earth Double Coffin Boardbag 10'6


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Top Layer: Armour Weave Polyester
2nd Layer: 10mm shock-absorbing foam
3rd (inside) Layer: Tarpee lining

XP EXTRA PROTECTION 25mm PADDED NOSE PANELS - Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose and Tail.

DOUBLE THICK GUSSET PADDING - Extra tough 20mm shock absorbing foam. The thickest rail protection on the market

SKID PLATE - Reinforced fabric skid plate to protect board tails/rails.

SHOULDER STRAP - 20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.

PROTECTIVE BOTTOM SIDE NOSE PIECE - Extra tough Armour Weave Polyester.

HANGING HOOK - All covers supplied with patented removable hanging hook.

HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS - Large, lockable zipper heads. Extra security for your boards. Compatible with TSA Travel Lock

Fits: 1-2 Boards
Gewicht: 6.9kgs
Maximale Breite: 25.5"

Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktage


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