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Ocean & Earth

Ocean and Earth Double Wide Boardbag 7'2


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Das Double Wide Surfboard Cover ist ein zeitloses Surfboard Tasche. Diese Ocean & Earth Surf Boardbag ist einfach und dennoch elegant mit internen Kompressionsriemen, um die Boardbewegung während des Transports zu minimieren.

- INTERNAL COMPRESSION STRAPS - Minimises board movement whilst in transit. Boards arrive at the destination the same way you packed them.
- HANGING HOOK - Patented, removable hanging hook
- HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS - Large, lockable zipper heads. Extra security for your boards. Compatible with TSA Travel Lock
- SHOULDER STRAP - 20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.
- EXPANDABLE SIDE GUSSET - Accommodates boards with both fixed or removable fins. Open velcro gusset to allow for fins.
- Fits : 1-2 Surfboards or Fish Boards
- Weight: 3.0 kgs
- Width: 25"
- Depth: 90mm /3.5"

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