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O'neill Damen Ninja 4/3 Chest Zip Full Wetsuit


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The Ninja Series offers high end quality features, exceptional durability. Featuring UltraFlex neoprene for freedom of movement, DL FluidFlex Firewall insulation, internal UltraFlex taped seams and water tight double super seal neck closure.

- F.U.Z.E. Closure System
- Krypto Knee Pads
- Double Super Seal Glide Skin Neck
- Strategic Seamless Paddle Zone
- GBS Seams with Ultraflex 0.5MM taped seams excluding tape on arms for increased flexibility in highest movement area
- Ultraflex arms, side panel and lower legs for maximum flexibility
- Single lined Fluid Flex back panel for warmth and wind protection
- Double lined Fluid Flex Firewall chest, thigh, crotch and butt panel for maximum warmth

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