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Pro-Tec Helmet Ace Wake Rubber Black


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Whether you're wakeboarding, kayaking, or surfing, the Ace Water helmet is known for it's mass appeal and comes fully loaded with features combining style, comfort, and adjustability.

Featuring a high-impact absorbing ABS shell and dual-density waterproof EVA surround liner. Best known for its 16 open vent holes allowing for optimum ventilation and drainage, removable cupped ear guards, and our headlock fit system.
- Shell: Durable and tough, injection moulded ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
- Liner: Dual-density waterproof EVA Foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate).
- Ear Pads: Removable cupping ear guards with water channels for drainage.
- Vents: 16 open holes for ventilation and drainage.
- Interior: Full surround padded Interior with channels directing water away from the eyes and ears whilst draining.
- Chin strap: Nylon webbing strap with buckle .
- Fit System: " Head Lock" adjustable rear fit system, holds the helmet firm in place when the ride gets choppy!.
- Ear Pads: Removable cupping ear guards with water channels for drainage.
- Certification: CE EN 1385 Water Sport Safety Standard.

These helmets are intended to be used in white waters of classes 5 and 6 as defined by the international union of canoeing, this helmet only protects against Bumps, Scratches and Shocks.

Suitable for: Wake boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, River Surfing, Kite Surfing, Water skiing, Wind Surfing and Sailing.

*This helmet is designed and certified for use in water sports only, this helmet is NOT suitable for use in skateboarding, pedal cycling, roller-skating*

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