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Seventy-One Eco Sun Spray SPF50+


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Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+ is the very high protection
sunscreen for families and singles from Seventy
One. Its mineral filters respect the epidermis and
the environment and make it an excellent barrier
against UVA and UVB rays. Everyone, from pros
to groms, will love its wide range of qualities: it
doesn’t run, doesn’t sting your eyes, can be applied
to wet skin and is water resistant so you can swim
safely. Its milky texture, in a super handy spray
format, is easy to apply without making your
hands greasy. You’ll be addicted to its vanilla
flower fragrance. Voulez-vous?

- 0% paraben,sulphate,silicone,nanoparticles,
phenoxyethanol, alcohol or petrochemical derivatives
- Tested under dermatological control
- Made in France

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