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Softech Filipe Toledo Wildfire FCS II Softboard 5'3


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More refined than most of its counterparts in the range, and with the scales tipping firmly towards performance, the FT wildfire raises the yardstick for soft-board shredding.
With the FCS II system, the need for any screws or tool to secure the fins has been eliminated. Simply insert the front of the fin into the plug and use downward pressure to lock the fin in place.
Easily insert & remove the fins based on the wave conditions or the rider's ability. Don't upgrade your board -just change your fins.
“It’s nice to reconnect with the ocean in a super relaxed and fun way. I’m pumped to get my model dialled and see where we can take it” – Filipe Toledo

- Size: 5'3"
- Dimensions: 5'3 x 19 x 2 5/8 x 32L
- Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
- Stringer: Double Stringer
- Fin Setup: Thruster (x3 FCS II Fin Setup)
- Fin System: FCS II
- Volume: 5'3": 32L
- Leash Plug installed
- FCS II Softflex Fins included

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