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Suntribe Organic Body Butter Grapefruit & Almond


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The Suntribe Body Butter with Grapefruit & Almond Oil moisturizes and energizes, getting you and your skin in a cheerful mood. For long-lasting, intense moisture with a completely natural and vibrant grapefruit smell.
The natural smell of the Grapefruit Oil lifts your mood, Almond Oil restores your skin’s smoothness and suppleness with Vitamin E and Shea Butter provides deep, long-lasting moisture.
Suitable for normal and dry skin.
Free from preservatives, perfume, microplastic and other additives.

- Moisturizing and energizing body butter that nourishes your skin and makes it feel and smell gorgeous.
- Three 100% natural and organic ingredients: 3 ingredients, all organic: Grapefruit Oil, Almond Oil and Shea Butter – that’s all.
- Gentle on your skin, suitable for normal and dry skin.
- Free from preservatives, perfume, alcohol, microplastic and other additives.
- Plastic-free, comes in a recycled aluminium tin with recycled paper labels.
- Vegan. Not tested on animals.

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