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Surf Logic

Surf Logic Key Security Maxi Lock Camo


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The classic Black version of our successful Surflogic Key Lock Maxi size. The safe padlock Surflogic is the safest solution to protect your car and house keys. Enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying. Maxi version.

Our Key Lock Maxi is a safe padlock resistant all-metal construction. Easy to secure anywhere, you can attach it to your car, your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheels or trailer. Bigger than our Standard version.
- Safe padlock resistant all-metal construction
- Easy to secure anywhere attach to your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheels or trailer
- 4 digit combination
- Foam backing to protect car surface
- Portable and compact, keep it in the glove box of your car
- Able to fit all size keys

Recommended for Surfing, SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurfing, Skubadiving, Kayak, Canyoning, Wakeboarding and any other outdoor sports.

Padlock Size (exterior)
- Width: 76 mm
- Length: 190 mm
- Height: 45 mm
- Weight 675 g

Internal compartment size
- Width: 69 mm
- Length: 107 mm
- Height: 40 mm

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