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Xcel Shirt Jacquard Hooded L/S


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Ideal as a base layer for added warmth, with 6.5-ounce Smart Fiber 4-Way Stretch fabric body for better athletic performance. Celliants clinically proven, mineral enhanced Smart Fibers convert body heat into infrared energy for better circulation, core temperature regulation, and increased tissue oxygen levels, enhancing endurance and speeding recovery. The 2mm hood is lined with low pile TDC Celiant Black fabric for the retention of warmth & fast drying performance, with a double flap neck dam, sturdy bill, adjustable SmoothSkin face seal, glued & blindstitched seams, and outer Texture Skin for excellent wind resistance.

- All New Celliant Black = Stay Warmer
- Quick Dry Fibres = Stay Dryer
- Engineered Design = Contoured Fit
- Textured Outer Skin = Wind Resistant
- Taitex Outer Seam = Durability

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