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YOW Surfskates

Yow Fistral Surfskate 34"


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Fistral is one of the best known surf spots in all England and so one of the surfing capitals of the great island. It’s dean sand dunes provide good waves during all year long.

The Yow Fistral has been designed specially wide for riders who want to feel comfortable or for people with big feet. It mounts the S5 system for a better control and stability for people weighting +50Kg. It features our smaller wheels 60x40mm, which are perfect for slides and skatepark floor. This board has being designed for kids and adults that are starting and want to feel the real surfskate experience.

- Size: 34″ x 10.25″ x 19″WB
- Trucks: YOW 6″ Standard/Silver
- Wheels: 60 x 40mm 84A Yellow
- YOW System: S5
- Concave: Performance
- Rocker: Tail Rocker

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