The Bakery Benatar One Snowboard 156 cm wide

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 May we offer you eternal pleasure? Please sign here, we do not ask for much. With a mild camber under your feet, a flattened back blend and a rocked out front section, this board is ready to launch you off the mountain. Add our magic tri-blend sidecut and a biax- glassing to the mix and you get a booster guiding you through all conditions. And on the very deep days you can just use the extra set-back to float through the white room. 
Directional Twin – Hybrid Camber

The mellow camber in the middle provides edge control and pop. The rockered front section generates float in powder and combined with its flat tail section this results in a more forgiving ride compared to a traditional Camber.

Flex Scale

6/10: With the flex peeping into the greater half of the range the board obtains a stable ride and solid pop without losing the fun part.


- Power Flex Bamboo Core Tip to Tail
- Bakery Snowbaords werden ausschließlich mit Entropy Bio Resin verarbeitet
- Sintered Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Base
- Biaxial Glasfibers
- PU Seamless 360° Infinity Sidewalls
- Pow Stance
- Design: "Simple and Raw"

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