I Love The Seaside Surf & Travel Guide Northwest Europe

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The new I Love the Seaside Northwest Europe edition is a printed 400-page surf and travel guide to Norhwest Europe (English language). Taking you along don’t-forget-to-breath-beautiful Lofoten in Norway down the west coast, exploring the shores of Sweden, Denmark, Germany’s islands, Holland, Belgium and Normandy.
We connect travellers, surfers and locals by pointing out the nicest surf spots, places to hang out and to-dos. I love the Seaside is created by ocean-loving people for ocean-loving people.
We’re here to inspire so you can go and explore.

- Beautiful and inspiring photos, maps
– Detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels
– Activities (yoga, SUP-tours, biking, wine-tasting, kids stuff, etc)
– Accommodations, shops, restaurants, cafes
– Surf shops, schools, camps, board rental and repair
– Interviews with seaside locals
– Local food facts

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