SurfCo Hawaii Wax Mat Kit - 9'0" Longboard

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Wax Mats have an excellent wet grip and is non-abrasive to the skin. May be used on the decks of surf, skimboards, marine crafts, bathtubs and any where an excellent slip resistant, non-abrasive, see-through surface is needed.

(4) rail grips (2"x6" each)
(1) set nose panels (8"x12" each)
(1) set 1/4 mid panels (8"x3" each)
(5) set mid panels (8"x12" each)
(5) 2"x12" panels
(2) 3"x12" panels
(1) set back panels (7"x12" each)
(1) set tail panels (4"x12" each)

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