Vissla 7 Seas 5mm Round Toe Bootie

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- 100% Super Stretch neoprene - lighter, warmer, softer, stretchier, easier to put on and take off
- Brain fuzz thermal hallow fiber lining insulates heat and dries fast

- Thin softgrip sole design allows for a better, true-to-the board feel
- Strapless compression panels keep the boot snug to your feet without having to have the restricting velcro strap
- New feature! Pull tab on heel for easier entry

- Glued and blindstitched seam construction

- Treat with special care! Rinse booties thoroughly inside and out with fresh water
- Lay flat to dry in a cool shaded area and avoid placing in direct sun light

- Made for cold water: 44 - 53° F / 7 - 12° C
- Vissla Surf Bootie fit is true to shoe size
- Bootie should fit snug to prevent water from entering

Hersteller: Vissla
Kategorie: Wetsuits & Surfwear
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