Flexi-Hex Mid Surfboard Transportschutz

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Our Mid sleeve is suitable for packaging longer or wider boards such as retro surfboards and longboards, entirely plastic free.
  • Designed for the safe transit of boards through the mail or courier system
  • Made from over 85% recycled paper pulp 
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Reduces packaging times from 15-20 minutes to under 6 minutes
  • Easy to assemble and slot into the supply chain
  • Designed to protect not only the rails, but also the deck, nose and tail
  • Compact to store and lightweight for economical shipping
  • Expands to 800mm wide
  • 2 layers of 20mm paper honeycomb protection
  • 4mm card protects board rails
Hersteller: Flexi-Hex
Kategorie: SURF.
Artikelnummer: SLE-MID
GTIN: 5060805300076