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Riot Surfboards

Riot NoBrainer Surfboard BlackLine 5'2


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If you don’t want to waste a thought about which board you’re surfing today, then the NO-BRAINER is the ideal board for you.

It’s a board with a fuller outline and a mellow rocker line refined with a little retro inspiration.
This board feels comfortable in all river and artificial wave conditions, and it is a great companion for your summer surf in the ocean.

For standing Waves, the NO-BRAINER is a loyal companion for all skill levels, but you should be slightly advanced in the sea.

Design des Boards kann kann leicht zum Bild abweichen

Maße: 5'2" 19,1" 2,2"
Volumen: 23,45 L

Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktage


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